Oii Divas , vocês sabem que sou fã de um esfumado simples pro dia a dia ou uma Make Poderosa toda Nude ,ou aquele super olho bapho ,Mara… E quem manda na base de todos estes queridinhos, é a sombra Marrom !

dscn3237Eu sempre experimento  tons novos , tem centenas de tons de marrom diferentes rsrs , então ter aquele seu queridinho pra não ter erro é muito importante  .E hoje vou mostrar meus queridinhos desde um esfumado simples pro dia até aquele olhão , que não pode faltar no meu Kit.


dscn3263E claro que não poderia faltar  dica bônus no vídeo  ,com  os meus marrons favoritos pra corrigir as sobrancelhas . Marrom sempre ! Uns mais , outros menos , mas sempre opto pelos tons mais frios bem acinzentados.

dscn3264Eu espero muito que se inspirem , escolham o tons Perfeitos pra vocês e arrasem , pois marrom é vIDAAA hehe . Um super beijo e fiquem Divas !

Lista de Produtos:

Sombra M.A 07 -Vult

Sombra Bombom- Yes Cometics

Sombra Mocha -Tracta

Paleta  CD Catharine Hill

*Paleta – Natural -Ruby Rose ( sombra dupe M.A 07)


Quarteto de Sobrancelhas – Dailus Universal

Quarteto de Sobrancelhas- cor GRAFITE -Toque de Natureza

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    12. In fairness… I think the first one is pretty easy… same way it’s not homosexuality if, say, someone like that poor African runner lady found out she was genetically male, but she’s physically female.(Note: does NOT have ANYTHING to do with the folks who are mutilated to appear to be the other sex. Stuff happening naturally is a totally different class from things that happen because of human choices, and no, I don’t wanna talk about that! This is enjoyable right now!) More so, really, since that’s just naturally the way they are, and being fertile is proof that it’s a natural relationship.

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    17. I am a born again Christian if there is truly such a thing. The Lord made it simple. It’s not rocket science. Love God, love one another, Keep his commandments, and witness for him when the occasion demands. There is no hate involved anywhere. Justice is his in the end. Unfortunately, we must live by societies rules also. So love your enemies it will drive them nuts. It is form of Christian terrorism.

    18. Yay for Maya getting a new bike soon 😀 Your dad is right, as a kid we traveled a fair amount for vacations, that it what I remember of my childhood, not the gifts, not the clothing, not the material things. Chin up, it may not always be good but its not always bad either and my philosophy on life is…life is an adventure, may as well enjoy it….so enjoy it, all of it….can’t wait for us to become full timers to!!!

    19. Another excellent, if somewhat depressing, article. I gather you see very little hope for our future and I am inclined to agree. I suppose this means that Scottie will never achieve Warp Factor 20, future Dr. McCoy's will not heal body traumas with the use of hand held devices and we will all be 'boldly going' backwards. The Starship 'Political Correctness' is on collision course with no-one to 'beam us up'.

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    35. Cass LifeblossomThat is in Wizard101 though, right now it is a mystery if we will see Celestia in Pirate101, chances are we aren’t sense we have seen almost about everything from it so far but I would say it will be a nice world maybe with a lot of Privateers from those guys that look like the Celestial Moon God so it will be 50/50 chance I would say. The final dungeon/boss battle could be Calypso and she has a piece of the map.

    36. That's interesting, but not only were they inspired by it, they linked our Constitution to it:Article I – The Legislative BranchSection 8 – Powers of CongressTo define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations.And we all know that Obama has indeed committed an offense against the Law of Nations and is guilty of high treason. So what now? Not much since half the people in this country are still walking the earth with their haeds up their asses. What in hell will it take to wake them up? I wish I knew.

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    48. The US Supreme Court has never ruled on the definition of "Natural born" citizen as I understand it. Therefore, even though most of us agree on the definition as being born on US soil with both parents being citizens, the Court could throw a curve, no? That is why Obama needs to be defeated in about 6 months. Forget the impeach stuff and arrest stuff. In fact, if I remember correctly from the Clinton impeachment, a sitting President cannot be arrested until he finishes a term or resigns or is impeached first. It would be to protect a President from political made up crimes.

    49. Buying a gift before you leave. Nice idea.I can only imagine how the twins not getting a letter/card on the same day went over. That could be catastrophic at our house, especially for whoever was actually with the kids, which wouldn’t be KAW and me, so I guess it wouldn’t be that big of deal.

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    53. GwebecimeleNovember 7, 2012 at 9:59 am“with support for the corrupt or nepotistic abuse of affirmative action by *racial essentialists*?’”I see – are saying that you think perhaps he was referring to you and Vuyo and himself? Therefore the careful selection of words i.e “racial essentialists” instead of the the simpler “racist” to describe those whites are who do not prostrate themsleves humbly and obediently before the “nonracial’ AA/BEE regime as overseen and implemented by amongst other friends of the Mafia.

    54. I was beginning to think you had fallen off the edge of the world. Happy to see this post to know you are all right. I'm sure that full time college studies are keeping you extremely busy. Take care!

    55. Miami’s early lead didn’t impress me. They had a ridiculous shooting percentage in the first quarter and hit tons of threes, which isn’t always gonna happen. Besides, it doesn’t matter how much you lead if you can’t finish. Looking at D Wade’s face in the 4th quarter I saw someone who was dog-tired, while OKC looked like they could play a 5th if necessary.I’m thinking that Miami’s just not deep/young enough to keep their squad fresh for this series.

    56. LMuchas gracias, pero en realidad el método no es mío, sino de Hluot Firthunands, otro lector del blog. Aprovecho tu comentario para agradecer que lo haya querido compartir con nosotros.Por supuesto, El Gachupas y yo seguiremos adelante, gracias a lectores tan animosos como tú 😉

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    67. Hey George!!!That’s fascinating — I knew there were scientists in Antarctica, but I didn’t realize they were at the South Pole itself. The things you learn on the Internet!!! I’ll have to pass this info along to Nico — I’m sure he’ll be interested to know.Hey Wayne!!!Well yes and no. He seems to think that the South Pole ought to have a reason to exist…

    68. Hi Mrs. Hunter! I wanted to start by saying, I love her voice! Most audio books I’ve heard are by older people, but she sounds young, and she reads with enthusiasm! that’s really good, i just wanted to hear how she would read a guy’s part, like Derek or Lucas.. but she makes a pretty good Kylie in my opinion. Love the books! Keep up the wonderful work!

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    76. Hi Drew,The climb is about 4,000 feet to Deer Creek Pass. It’s never very steep, but it’s steady – don’t underestimate it. If you can do the trip in three days, there are some good campsites before Bee Tree Gap that will make the first day easier, and let you do the Four Lakes Loop as a moderate dayhike on your second day. Have fun!

    77. Yesss! Baby food!! I have not seen that brand apple/butternut squash. I feel like such a weirdo shopping in the baby food aisle with all the moms I used to get cysts in my eyes!! Hasn't happened in a few years though, but it's definitely weird. I've been scheduled to go in for laser eye surgery a couple times to get them removed, and then they always went away before the appointment came up… Was this answer helpful?

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    80. GD,You know I'm deeply appreciative of the musical perspective you provide and the wonderfully apropos historical You Tubes.[I think I'm going to develop something on the cartoonish and the occult in entertainment today. I'm sure there is a military tie-in somewhere. I hope you're there when I do, culture maven that you are :)]

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    101. It's fortunate that the tornado passed through relatively uninhabited territory. We have the occasional tornado here in south Louisiana, but we have no sort of warning or preparedness, except the general information to go to an inside place in the house, a closet or in the bathtub.

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