Make PODEROSA -Primavera Verão !

Oi Amores, no vídeo de hoje trouxe um tutorial de make Baphô , pra inspirar você para primavera verão.

É uma Mkae toda em tons quentes e super Iluminada , esfumado Poderoso e Delineado de gatinho pra dar aquele toque sexy na Make . Eu Amo !

picmonkey-imageEscolhi também mais 2 opções de batons pra mostrar no Post e  vídeo .Um tom Nude bem cor de Boca que chama atenção toda para os olhos , mas ao mesmo tempo deixa os lábios marcados .Um NUDE DEUSO0 , batom Líquido 251 -Ruby Rose.Um tom uva mais  fechado que faz um contraste lindo com tons quentes , Máscavo -Dailus.

dscn3132dscn3110Essa make fica Linda para ocasiões de dia principalmente , o olhos estão com tons iluminados lindos pra abusar na estação , mais cai super bem pra noite também , com um batom Poderoso e Pele Super Iluminada . É UMA MAQUIAGEM MUITO VERSÁTIL E GLAM!


Espero muito que aproveitem o tutorial , não deixem me contar o que acharam e mais sugestões, um mega beijo e fiquem Divas !

Lista de Produtos Usados:

Blur Diva – Eudora

Base 05 Tracta c/ BB Cream escuro  -L´oreal

Corretivo Impecable cover – Bege médio 01 – Eudora

Pó cor 50 – Nearly Naked -Revlon

Pó 04 – Vult

Pó Bronzer Cinamoon- Makeme Cosmetics

Pó Iluminador Bronzer- o4 Ruby Rose

Ilumandor em Stick – Diva Eudora


Primer Ruby Rose

Paleta Natural -Ruby Rose

Sombra Mocha-Tracta

Delineador Líquido 10 hrs- Vult

Lápis Iluminador de sobrancelhas – Vult

Cílios Postiços – Bang – Anitta

Máscara de Cílios  Coisas de quem Ama  -Gigante – Dailus


252 – Ruby Rose

Máscavo – Dailus

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    2. Maybe he cheated on her because he? cant satisfy his urge to be with every sexy girl like most guys…just look at alll these fucking magazines that promote this shit killuminati dude their all fucked up they cant just love their girls because of what that stands for

    3. 1c4Kevin -Britt from Reality Church in Santa Barbara and the churches they are planting are definitely churches you would resonate with. Robin Baker from George Fox University is here in town this weekend. We talked yesterday about the important work you, your dad and the whole ministry is doing in Portland and beyond. I have to catch you up on things sometime soon too!

    4. Hvorfor jeg skal vinde girlfriend parfumen? For det første vil det være den eneste mulighed jeg har, for at kunne fÃ¥ parfumen. Jeg/ mine forældre har desværre ikke penge til at kunne give mig den… SÃ¥ det ville været den eneste mulighed. Jeg hÃ¥ber virkelig i vil være med til at opfylde mit ønske om at vinde den!! Det ville betyde såå meget!<3

    5. These are so much fun. I love the thoroughly frustrated characters and the unseen back-stories. The guy yelling "Now try it!" at his horse makes me laugh. Hard. Maybe it's because I have a three year old and at least once a day I feel just like this guy.

    6. Im glad you posted this today. I’m relatively new to Christianity and yesterday I started a book (not yours, don’t worry!) that after just the first few chapters, made me feel like a really crappy person, feeling very guilty and unworthy. I read some of its reviews and decided maybe I’d pick it up again later but for now I had to just put it down. In my relationship with God, love, not fear and guilt should be my motivator. Thanks again for the reassurance!

    7. Rb Merry Christmas to you too & have a happy New Year. As far as the Indians go, great question. As far as Lombardi goes I don’t get why they want him. Lets hope after all these years he has grown up mentally and could do something positive…

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    9. I don’t get it… But ok. For some reason ever since me and my husband met sports and hunting were put on the back burner. It’s a blessing that I know is far and imbetween. He’s able to hunt on our property. He has ‘gone hunting’ three ties this season. He walks I. The woods sits fr about an hour and comes in before the suns all the way up. My ex was a serious hunter and I know the feeling. Plus he quartered his own deer. So in the case that he got one he spent the next 12 hours cutting it up. Ugghh. Sorry dear. Hang in there.

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    19. Let’s forgive one another and be united in love!!!Deuteronomy 31:6 “Be strong and of good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them; for the Lord thy God, He, it is, that doth go with thee; He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”Let’s give thanks to the Lord for His mercy and loving kindness endures forever !!! Amen.

    20. Not just Orbit bashers, chaps. My point was based on a suspicion that Orbit boosters might be second-guessing posterity, defending an ugly proposal because they’re betting on it becoming popular in the future, and they want to be seen to be aligned with a farsighted minority who defended it at the beginning, rather than just judging it in the here and now. I felt that nervous desire to defend it “just in case” it became popular, but realised it would be fairly dishonest of me to do so.

    21. There are so many different strands involved in cross-cultural encounters that’s it’s pretty much impossible to tease them apart. How much of what transpires is because of cultural differences, and how much is individual psychology? What about the context: are you hungry, tired, having marital problems? I have a tendency to look at individual inputs without examining the way they interact with each other, but of course we’re all more than just the sum of our parts. I have a feeling you could spend a lifetime trying to figure it all out….

    22. Kedves Évi!Nekem is megfordult a fejemben a segítés, de átgondoltam…és remélem, Te sem gondolod komolyan, hogy nyuszikát kéne felszolgálni kedvenc gólyáinknak?! A ternészetes kiválasztódás a helyes út. A nyuszik közül is az válik táplálékká, amelyik kevésbé alkalmas az életre – ne mi, emberek döntsünk a természet helyett. Remélem, egyetértesz?(de lehet, hogy én tévedek)Ãœdvözlettel: Anna

    23. I love this book already and all that I’ve done is watch Daniella’s YouTube video. One thing that fired me was when she asked us to do a little more of what we want to do and a little less of what we don’t want to do So simple yet so powerful! Thank you Daniella! You really do have the gift of making your words inspire folks achieve dizzy heights of success

    24. Och med det menar jag att det är bra att du ifrågasätter men gör det ordentligt. Efterfråga forskningen som ligger till grund. Kritisera forskningen om den inte håller måttet. Kritisera rekommendationerna och forskningen inte håller måttet.Rena spekulationer känns inte särskilt seriöst.

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    26. I met Jessica as well and she is very impressive. I am a cancer survivor myself. I did not have to go through chemo so I did not lose my hair. However, one of my close friends (who has since passed) did have to go through chemo and I think losing femininity is definitely a concern for women and going through such a thing. I think Jessica has done what any great entrepreneur does: she found a solution to a problem. What’s even better is that she found a way to be charitable while solving it!

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    28. Querida China, entiendo perfectamente lo que sientes cuando te refieres al sube y baja. Cuando la infidelidad abre las heridas, éstas son profundas y para recuperar la confianza hay que trabajar muy duro como pareja. Él dispuesto a ser fiel y tú dispuesta a pasar la página, sé que toma tiempo. POr ahora disfruta de las cosas buenas de tu relación de pareja, nutre lo que tienes, mañana ya verás. Abrazos y gracias por compartir tu historia.

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    34. Elaine,My Father in law is visiting us and the gentle deep voices of my men are a pleasure to hear. But the silence of the female chatter (Judith's and mine) dominates the visit for me. I'm finding the quietness helps me depend on the Lord more and I've asked Him to speak to my grieving heart. This post of yours has helped me lean into that all the more. Silence, whatever form it takes, can be golden…it is the silver lining to my cloud of loss. Thank you for your heart…and I love your hubby's comment as well….the whispers of children. Amy

    35. Ayer ya leí este artículo de tu regreso a Bergen y a la cotidianidad de la casa familiar y de tus hijos.Todo acaba, incluso unas vacaciones que, antes de empezar, parece que van a ser largas y que ya en estas edades vuelan.Espero poder seguirte un año más y ver estas preciosas fotografías que vas poniendo, como las de estas hojas atravesadas por el sol.

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    37. Tak jo. Mým cílem bylo jen ukázat úroveň autorů tohoto blogu a výsledek naprosto předčil veškerá má očekávání. Žádné diskuze, jen urážky, nadávky, prázdné domněnky a stokrát omílaná komunistická propaganda. Tahle generace zřejmě musí vymřít, aby si lidé začali více vážit svých práv a své svobody. Nepoučitelní fanatici se nepoučí nikdy. Ikdybyste jim pravdu ukázali přímo před nosem.

    38. I have to agree with everyone else with regard to the poetic prose. This piece is so evocative and speaks to so many aspects of the human experience. I particularly like the juxtaposition of the two sets of responses–daughter’s and mother’s; younger self and older self. I want to buy a copy of your new book, signed. How/where might I get a hold of one? It was lovely seeing you the other day and talking, albeit briefly.

    39. Your weblog came up in my search and i stunned at what youve composed on this subject. I am currently branching out my investigation and therefore cannot contribute further, nonetheless, Ive bookmarked your internet site and you will returning to keep up with any forthcoming updates. Just Now believe it’s and provides thanks for granting my input.

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    45. NEW PHOTOS ADDED… that relate to the theme of this page… Torn Paper Watercolor Technique. Click on the link by my name for the full story from Carolyn-F.BTW: Thanks to everyone above, who took the time to comment in this thread. Your feedback, support and engaging conversations are always such a wonderful part of my day. Although I don’t get a chance to address everyone individually, please know that I do read everything. ~Cindy

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    48. In medieval and renaescence French, I think Guillaume was "Guilhem", very near German, in fact.There are many girl's names ending with "ette" ; for instance, Mauricette, Lucette ; others ending in "ette" are familiar and friendly forms, such as Mariette, or Marinette(remember Brassens?) for Marie and Marine (different from Marina). I do like MLP, yet I can't imagine calling her "Marinette"!

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    57. Basieńko cudowne te ciasteczka i jak pięknie o nich piszesz!Ta spiżarka z Twojego dzieciństwa to taka magiczna musiała być, wyobrażam sobie to wszystko co opisujesz.Ja tych słoneczek nie znam, chętnie bym skosztowała obu wersji:)Ściskam:*

    58. An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on this. And he actually bought me breakfast due to the fact that I found it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending time to talk about this issue here on your web page.

    59. Good one Joel– discipline is essential to make sure we don’t have too many regrets.Discipline or self discipline is missing in a lot of today’s young people so it’s always good to be reminded of it.We need to put the effort in to enjoy the rewards that follow.

    60. Thanks Joy. Lego is part of a boy’s growing up and learning years. Now, they also have Legos for girls which I think is really cool. We do need to encourgae our kids to venture into their imagination and help them create something amazing in the real world.

    61. Becket–I understand what you're saying. Even here in the north I know people who fly the confederate flag just as a form of protest. For the life of me, I don't understand what they're protesting other than the general upset with the country as it currently stands.I've even heard of people putting their postage stamps on envelopes upside down as a form of protest.

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    96. Hi Alan – I like that spot a lot – it’s very peaceful and that tree is a frangipani so it smells wonderful in the spring. I think the bench needs some tlc, but not sure I want to varnish, maybe just a wood stain or something like that. I could use some of your cold temperature right about now – it’s sweltering here

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  13. Daytona Jackson141December 22, 2012 Depending on your age, the Social Security office sends everyone a certification letter every three years to verify you are still disabled. It is just routine. Once you get closer to age 65 they will stop. If you are under 65, you can try the Ticket to Work program and get a job even if you are on Disability. Check online and call them. It was a program with a network of employment and training agencies in different areas. You don't have to have one where you live.

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  15. Lars: jag har svarat dig, men mitt inlägg har tydligen censurerats bort. Jag skrev i alla fall att du har rätt: även i städerna finns det sociolekter som det är kanske ännu mer viktigt att lära sig att undertrycka, i sådana sammanhang där de kan vara till ogagn.

  16. I am graduating with a BA in public admin, and am deciding whether to go on for another bachelors in HRM, or go for a masters in Organization MGT. These classes are online part time while I work FT. The masters is incredibly time consuming compared to the bachelors. Is a masters neccesary, or will two bachelors (one is prob enough) suffice?

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